The Litany of the Ages

Part One – The One and the Phoenix

1.0 The Maker and Unmaker

At the dawning of the world, before chaos and law, before darkness and light, before life and death, before nothing and everything, the Maker and Unmaker came.  The Maker and Unmaker were One.

The One looked across the world that was yet to be.  The Maker watched, the force of creation, the force of law.  The Maker was life itself.  The Beginning spawned forth from the Maker’s Benevolence.

The One looked across the world that was yet to be.  The Unmaker watched, the force of destruction, the force of chaos.  The Unmaker was death itself.  The Ending spawned forth from the Unmaker’s Malevolence.

The One is equal and opposite in all ways, and is best understood as the Maker and Unmaker.  Neither had greater power.  The Realms of Creation and Destruction were intertwined, thus the Realms should be split in twain to make the Realm of Life and Creation and the Realm of Death and Destruction.  The maker would create Life and the Unmaker would destroy it.  The maker would bring Life and the Unmaker would bring Death.

For something to live, it must be able to Die.  For a light to glow, it must be placed in the Dark. For Law to be created, it must have chaos to order.  Balance must be maintained beyond all else.  Without balance, there can be nothing.  There are no beginnings without endings. 

Rulers of Overworld Realms and Underworld Realms, the Maker and Unmaker are not separate.  The Maker and Unmaker are two faces put to one being that cannot be described because of the greatness that is unfathomable, and cannot be described in mere words.  There is One to Rule all, but there are two faces to the One.  The One is the Maker and Unmaker.  The Maker is never alone, for the Unmaker is always there.  The Unmaker is never alone, for the Maker is always there.  They can never be separated, but they can be described, unlike the One, who cannot be spoken up in any way.  There must be balance, thus all good is balanced by evil, all life by death, all Law by Chaos, all Beginnings by Endings.

1.1 The Flame of Asumbar

The One looked across the world and chose that there should be something there.  The world was ripe for life to be set upon it to begin the Cycle. The One saw this and summoned the Eternal Phoenix.  The One gave the Phoenix the Flame of Asumbar and told the Phoenix to take it to the world and set it on fire with the Flame of Life.

The Phoenix took the flame and descended to the world where nothing yet thrived, and no Cycle had taken hold.  The Phoenix lit the Flame of Life and was consumed by it as the flames roiled across the world, bringing life as it passed.  The Phoenix was reduced to ashes, as the Maker had said.

From the Ashes, the Eternal Phoenix rose once more, but the balance had to be maintained.  Across the world life thrived, yet nothing perished. The One called to the Phoenix once more and gave the Phoenix once more the Flame of Asumbar.  The Phoenix set forth once more, releasing the Flame of Asumbar.  The Flame of Death spread across the land, beginning the Cycle for all times.

Once more, the Phoenix perished, this time in the Flames of Death, and was reduced to Ash once again.  The One watched, and decided the power of the Flame of Asumbar had been enough to extinguish the great and Eternal Phoenix.

1.2 The Sundering of the Phoenix

The One touched the Ashes of the Phoenix, and once more it Rose.  This time, though the One reached out and Sundered the Phoenix into the essentials of all Life.

The Fire Phoenix, The Water Phoenix, The Earth Phoenix, and the Air Phoenix stood together.  The Dark Phoenix, and the Light Phoenix each stood alone.

There was one more Phoenix, the Shadow Phoenix, but the One had sundered this Phoenix between the other six.
The One decreed that the Elements should go forth as forces in the world.  They would be permitted to create sentient creatures with the children of the Phoenix.

The Light Phoenix and the Dark Phoenix stood alone.  The Light Phoenix began to shine brightly, as if to put out the Dark Phoenix.  The One told the Phoenix of Light that if the Phoenix of Dark perished, so would he.  The Phoenix of Light thought of this, and agreed.  He was the opposite of the Phoenix of Dark, but without her, he could not exist.  The same was true of her, without the Phoenix of Light, she could not exist.

Part Two – The Coming of the Divine

2.0 Birth of the Keepers

The Phoenix of Light and the Phoenix of Dark were pulled to each other.  They felt the union of all deep in their being.  The spark of the Divine lived without the two creatures of All.  They laid together and spawned forth the Divine into the cold world below and above them.

2.1 The Keeper of Magic

The Stars gathered in anticipation, for there had been whispers of the coming of the Keeper of Stars.  The one would show the Path of Stars to those that deserved it.  There was a moment when all the Stars shown brighter than ever before as the Keeper of Stars stepped forth.  Her eyes glistened with tears already though, for the Seer of Ends saw many things that saddened her.  A smile though played upon her lips, for she also saw many things that made her happy.   She reached out and gathered the Stars and held them to her.

Tears fell from her eyes though, as the Mother of Elves witnessed the things her own children would do and have done to them by others.  Her mourning for her own children caused her much pain, and her tears fell like rain upon the land, forming the great Sea of Salwine.  Some stars fell and came to live in the Tears of Kalimourne.

She stepped away from it all, and was met by Fire Phoenix thought to comfort her, and Kalimourn laid with the Lord of the Inferno, and he warmed her with his heat.  The lands of the San T’shi were created where they lay together, and Kalimourn birthed the Ruana t’Kalima.  The Firekin Elves were grateful to their mother and father, and chose to remain in the lands of the San T’shi.

Kalimourn walked away from the desert, to the sea, where Marinanoc met her.  Seeing the Mother of Elves still grieved for the future, Marinanoc also sought to comfort the Seer of Ends.  Together they laid together in the area to become the Inland Sea of Tears, where he surrounded her with his waves.  Soon, Kalimourn birthed the Marina t’Kalima.  The Waterkin elves took their parent’s honor and chose to remain in the Sea of Tears.

Kalimourn left the sea.  This time she walked towards the mountains, where she met Ravsamor, who also saw the sadness of the Lady.  Ravasa sought to also give comfort to the Keeper of Stars and laid with her on the Endless Mountains, where he cradled her with his stone arms.  Soon, the Ravsa t’Kalima were born. 

Kalimourne left the mountains.  She walked towards the forests, where she found Whispariak waiting there.  Whispariak cradled the Seer in her windswept arms, and laid with her in the Forest of Anaset.  Soon, the Whispara t’Kalima came to be, and the Airkin elves also chose to remain where they had been set.

2.2 The Keeper of Life

2.3 The Keeper of Nature

2.4 The Keeper of Death

Part Three – Birth of the Gods

3.0 Children of the Phoenix

Born between the union of the Dark and Light Phoenix, the Gods were born to aid the world and those that lived within it.

3.1 The Twins

The twins were born next.  Joryn and Soryne were born together.  Moryne’s skin was entirely white, where Soryne’s was entirely black.  They were identical but opposite.  They grasped each other and wept, for they knew that they would not see each other again.  For Moryne would bring the dawn, and herald the sun, and Soryne would bring the dusk and herald the moon.

3.2 Dream and Nightmare

Atlan stepped forth, a creature of misty form.  Close behind was Maris.  Atlanas stared at Maris for a second and shook his head.  The Dream Walker already knew that Maris would be his nemesis in all things.  Maris stared as well at Atlan.  The Nightmare Walker knew as well.  For they would never confront each other, even if they so desired, for one may not cross the boundary of dream and nightmare.  Atlan left to create the Dream City of Mistalan, where Dream creatures would come to live.  Maris, not be outdone, left to create Pranithan, the Nightmare City, where Nightmare creatures would live.

3.3 The Builder and the Destroyer

The Dwarf-father came next, Thran.  He took to his mountain holds, and taught his people the powers to build.  Suma was close behind, determined to Destroy all that the Builder could build.  Dwarves were sturdy creatures, short and stout, meant to live in the mountains that they loved.  Suma soon created his own race, the Martic, to live even deeper in the mountains so that they might destroy all that the Dwarves could create.  The One in the Dark would always seek to destroy the One in the Light.

3.4 Truth Speaker and Blood Letter

Samestain, the Truth Speaker came next.  She cast her gaze around the new world and breathed in for the first time.  She knew the truth of the world, and that she would be needed.  She turned her head to watch her counterpart and nemesis emerge, Harlethain, the Blood Letter.  Filled with battle frenzy and rage he began to tromp about.  Samestain could see that she could not stand by idly, she picked up sword and shield and became the Battle Maiden to combat the Battle Master, lest his fury sweep the lands.  They would be locked in struggles for all times between them.  One would bring war, the other would bring peace.

3.5 Law and Chaos

Vranhad’s iron step was heard next in the new world.  The Justice bringer looked around and saw much lawlessness that should be stopped.  Just as he set to work, Shiawan came forth to bring more chaos.  The Dour Lord and the Smiling Lady had entered their enternal struggle, for as soon as a law was set forth, the law would be broken by the Freedom Bringer.

3.6 Hope and Despair

Thrani stepped forward proudly. The Lord of Hope would bring a kernel of virtue to the world.  Soon, though, Thrani met his opposite, for Dreana, the Lady of Despair stepped forth.  The Holy Warrior raised up sword to smite the creature, but the Profane Warrior likewise raised sword against the Merciful one, for she would offer no Mercy. 

3.7 Healer and Diseased

(To Be continued)

Part Four – Birth of the Gods' Children

(To be Added)

Part Five - Divine Truth

5.0 Balance

Beyond all else balance must be maintained.  Each Divine creature is set against an equal and opposite for eternity.  None of the True Divine may be destroyed without taking their opposite with them.  Without one, the other cannot exist. 

5.1 The Power of The Litany

The Litany shall hold great power to those that speak its words.  The One True Litany, kept upon the Isle of Night, within the Misty Mountain Cave, shall only be read by the True Divine.  Any living mortal reading its pages, or in fact any Demi Divine shall be struck down by the wrath of The One.  These words shall be inscribed upon a book and passed down to the mortals to become their own Litany.

5.2 The Flame of Asumbar’s Resting Place

The Flame of Life and the Flame of Death resided within Kalimourne’s breast.  She took up her favorite child, a Seer and Sorceress and vested within her the Flame of Asumbar.  She would be immortal until her first female child was born unto her, wherein the flame would be passed on, and she would be allowed to rest.  Only the bearer of the Flame of Asumbar may open the way to the One True Litany, though even she may not read the words.



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